Books by agony aunts and about advice columns
The following texts represent a variety of accounts of advice giving. From reflections on being an agony aunt or uncle, collections of letters from advice columns, or texts explaining or analyzing media advice giving. The first two sections may be useful if you are seeking to find archive material to research, the last section provides tools and ideas for analysing advice columns.

Books and chapters by or about advice columnists and their work
Bottel H. 1970. Helen help us! Tempo Books.
Boyle K. 1982. What this Katie Did: an autobiography. Sphere.
Boynton P. 2009. Whatever happened to Cathy and Claire? Sex, advice and the role of the Agony Aunt. in Mainstreaming Sex: The sexualisation of Western Culture. IB Tauris.
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Puri K. Pool of Life: The autobiography of a Punjabi Agony Aunt. Kindle.
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Stone M. An unauthorized guide to Cheryl Strayed: a short biography of the author of Wild and Dear Sugar. Kindle.
Whitehorn K. 2008. Selective Memory: an autobiography. Virago.

Self help books by advice columnists and problem page collections
Alkon A, Minnick M and Johnson C. 1996. Free Advice. Dell Publishing Company.
Boyle K. 1982. Boyle’s Law. Littelhampton.
Carey T. 2006. Never kiss a man in a canoe: words of wisdom from the Golden Age of Agony Aunts. Boxtree.
Dickinson A. 2013. Ask Amy: advice for better living. Surrey Books.
Golding M. 2011. Nude Rude and In the Mood: questions and answers by the World’s only naked Agony Aunts. Lulu.
Hall R. 1981. Dear Dr Stopes. Sex in the 1920s. Penguin.
Hawthorne R. 1998. Dear Worried Violet: A Peep at Problem Pages through the ages. Pavillion.
Henegan J. 1985. Problem Page: me and my friends. Franklin Watts.
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Kurtz I. Cosmopolitan. The Agony Column. Vol 2:1980-1985.
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Rowe C. Dear Playboy Advisor: questions from men and women to the advice column of Playboy Magazine. Kindle.
Sanders D. 1995. Dear Deidre’s Casebook. Blake Publishing.
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: solving women’s sexual problems. Kindle Edition.
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: sorting out sex drive dilemmas. Kindle Edition.
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: solving men’s sexual problems. Kindle Edition.
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: 50 quick tips to make sex more fun. Kindle Edition.
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: How to keep on having hot sex year after year. Kindle Edition
Sanders D. Dear Deidre’s Brilliant Sex Guide: sexual diversity. Kindle Edition.
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Books that analyse advice giving and media
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