I’m making a radio programme about erection problems – can you help?

For the past two decades I’ve been researching people’s sexual difficulties, alongside offering them advice through my agony columns. Sexual problems continue to concern many people, who are often unsure what they can do to help themselves.

One way to give/get help is for people to share stories about their experiences. To that end, I am currently making a programme for BBC Radio Four with Loftus Media about erection problems.

The programme producers and I are looking for potential interviewees. We would like to hear your experiences so we can highlight something that is very common but not openly discussed.

The programme will be broadcast in June of this year (2017) and will be 30 minutes long. I will be interviewing contributors for the programme. If you were willing to talk to me, you would not need to reveal your identity.

We are looking to hear from adult men of any age who can talk about erection problems. This might be a current issue, or something you experienced in the past. We are keen to speak to men who have had erection problems related to physical illness (including as a consequence of clinical treatments), as well as those whose erection difficulties might have a psychological cause. Alternatively you may have erection problems but aren’t sure why.

Interviews will take about 20 minutes and will be a very informal conversation. They will be pre-recorded (not live) so you can go back and retake any answer you aren’t happy with or would like to clarify points you have made.

Questions we might cover include….
– What erection problems do you have?
– Do you know what caused your erection difficulties?
– How did having erection difficulties make you feel?
– How did your partner support you (or not)?
– In what way did you seek help yourself?
– What was useful and why? What wasn’t?
– What treatment (if any) has helped?
– How do you accept erection dysfunction if treatment doesn’t work and you don’t want/qualify for surgery?
– Do men find it difficult to talk about this subject? What is key to changing how we discuss erection problems?

If you are interested, or have any questions and would like to chat further before committing to an interview, please get in touch via email with producer Henrietta Harrison henriettaharrison@hotmail.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate any help you can give us and other listeners.