Author: Petra

How to protect your mental health during Coronavirus

These are difficult and unprecedented times and it’s understandable that you may feel anxious and afraid, particularly if you’re already isolated or vulnerable. The following resources are designed to boost your mood, build your confidence, and make you aware you are not alone and can reach out for help should you need it. Before reading further you may find this guidance from the UK government about taking care of your mental wellbeing during isolation reassuring.

Fears about the Coronavirus may be causing or worsening mental distress. If that’s the case for you the following resources may be comforting. This guide from Harvard University explains how to manage fears about the Coronavirus. Plus this advice from the Mental Health Foundation details how to protect your mental health right now; as does this resource from Mind. And GrowEatGift has tips on staying stable if you’re stuck at home.

In addition you may want to sign up to The Blurt Foundation who will email you regular updates to boost your mood.

Fab NHS Stuff introduce a Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook for you to complete, created by the Wellness Society.

Action for Happiness will encourage you to find ways to stay positive and resilient.

Mind provides information on mental distress plus ideas for self care and a helpline to call if you need it.

Samaritans are there to listen if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Resources for Wellbeing and Coping.

Citizens Advice offers practical information about all aspects of your life.

If you’re grieving or experiencing distress due to any kind of loss Ambiguous Loss has reassuring information.

The NHS have a range of apps you can use to promote your own wellbeing. Plus check the NHS information on Coronavirus for reliable health information (be cautious about all the scary stuff you see shared on social media).

You may want to take a break from the news or social media if it is making you more confused or worried. Or set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group for friends to share positive messages. You could identify key media that make you happy and zone out the negative. Or make a list of things you can enjoy doing at home (reading, binge watching series, cooking). Set aside time each day to do something you enjoy. Use a diary to record your moods, noting if you are struggling but equally looking for the positives even if they are very small (remembering, also we’re in ‘interesting’ times and you might want to record what happens for posterity or to celebrate how you got through this).

During any stressful time there may be additional problems arising in your life; or existing difficulties may remain. You can find help for any number of situations via here.

Look after yourself. It’s going to be okay.