How to use this site

People are interested in advice giving for many reasons. You may be here just because you’ve always wanted to know about being an agony aunt or uncle. In which case I hope the whole site is useful to you.

You may have a specific reason for visiting. Here are the most common things people want to find out about – and information on which bit of the site would suit you best.

Happy browsing!


I want to start or improve upon an advice column at my newspaper, website, TV or radio station
If you are interested in setting up an advice column or programme in print, online or broadcast media you may want to start with the descriptions of how these different media approaches work in all the sections under Advice Unpacked. Check the blog for practical how-to guides on advice giving. While if you need resources and information or organisations to work with to contribute to or inform your programme/column you may want to search through the listings in the Need Help? section.

I’ve got a problem!
If you need help or advice for yourself, a friend or family member then head to the Need Help? section or you may want to browse through Advice Unpacked as additional help resources are linked there.

I want to be an agony aunt
You won’t be alone. Many people are interested in this job. To find out more about it read the FAQs and if you do end up working as an advice columnist or presenter you may find the whole site helps inform what advice you give. The Need Help? section will give you tools to refer people on for support. While the blog will talk about ways to improve on advice giving. You can use this for friends, family or loved ones even if you’re not working formally as a media advice giver.

I am a journalist
If you are writing a piece about life events, physical or psychological health issues, relationships or other problems you may want to check the Need Help? section for resources and potential contacts. If you are working on a piece or programme about advice giving check out the FAQs, and all the categories in Advice Unpacked and Research Resources.

I want to use advice giving in health or social care, development or education
Problem pages have many uses so you might want to use them as a communication tool with clients or colleagues, to use existing advice sources or create your own as part of outreach work or campaigning, or to critique advice giving as part of teaching or empowerment work. You may find all of the site helpful, but particularly the Research Resources and Advice Unpacked for background information and examples of advice giving practice. While the blog will have updates on using advice giving in practice and public communication that may help you further. If you are looking for sources of help and advice for clients or colleagues head to Need Help?

I am an agony aunt or uncle
Chances are you’ll already know much of what’s covered on this site. But you may have additional thoughts, criticisms or insights you’d like to share. Or perhaps you’d like to tell me your story or tell me more about where you work so I can add it to the Advice Columns Worldwide map?

I need resources for my studies/research or teaching
If you’re a student, academic or researcher then your first port of call is probably Research Resources but you may also find Advice Unpacked and FAQs useful to you. If you are wanting to make a problem page as part of a project you may find the Need Help? resources beneficial as well.