Advice for Teens during Coronavirus

You may be worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), or other things going on in your life. Here is a list of support services, information sheets and tips you can use to protect your mental health. Some of these organisations also have helplines or email and text services where you can ask for advice while school or college is closed.

Young Minds explains about mental health problems and how to protect your mental wellbeing.

Childline have advice on their website plus a phone and email support service.

Connexions 360 has information on health and wellbeing, study, and your finances and rights.

Youth Access have links to lots of organisations that might answer questions not covered on this list.

Stem4 support positive mental health for teens.

Papyrus is the suicide prevention charity who are there to help you if you feel you aren’t coping (if you feel this way please tell an adult you trust).

Health for Teens has good advice on everything from feelings to general health.

The Mix has loads of tips for young people including these resources on mental health.

Five tips for talking about your mental health via

The Children’s Society have information on a range of mental health topics and other problems you might be stressed about.

BBC Own It shows you how to take charge of your life online.

Doc Ready explains how to talk to your doctor about your health.

Help Me Out from BBC’s Lifebabble answers all your questions about friends, family and your wellbeing.

Mood Juice has free tools for relaxation and calming.

Action for Happiness provides daily updates and resources on wellbeing.

Blurt will send you regular tips to look after your mental health.

If you want to understand the virus there’s a clear guide from Live Science here.



Alongside the resources above there are other ways you can look after your mental health including:

Talking to friends and family (on the phone or social media if you can’t see them in person).

Keeping a mood diary where you notice how you feel and write down any worries you have.

Noting 3 good things that happen each day.

Writing positive messages to yourself on post it notes and sticking them in your room.

Mind in Brighton and Hove have a list of (mostly free) Apps that can help track your mood and lift your spirits.

Create feel-good playlists, stories, TikToks, or funny photos and share them with your friends.

If you’re anxious or worried ask an adult you trust to help you understand what is happening and/or look together for more information.

If the news is making you more stressed shut it off for a while. BBC Newsbeat is a good place to get trustworthy information.

Have a 30 minute social media free zone at the start and end of each day.

Keep track of how much time you’re spending gaming and take regular breaks.

Make a list of things that make you happy – music, film, chatting to your mates, crafting or cooking, watching sport. Try and fit as many positive things as you can into each day.

If you’re learning at home and are worrying about your studies, let your teachers know!

When you’re off school your usual schedules will have changed. Remember to eat and sleep, and keep regular bed times even if they may be later than usual.

Avoid the temptation of getting drawn into social media dramas, if necessary have a social media break or delete any apps that are causing you stress. If you notice other people being bullied or saying things that make you worried for their mental health tell a relative you trust and/or a teacher.

If you feel at risk or unsafe the charities above, particularly Childline, can help.

If there’s a new skill or hobby you’ve always wanted to try, make use of the time at home to do it. This might be important if your hobbies are usually done outside and for the moment you’ll be mostly indoors.

Although this may feel scary or frustrating, it isn’t going to last forever. Make the most of the time you are at home to focus on your own wellbeing and that of your family.

Remember to wash your hands!


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