25 reasons why advice columns are amazing

Doodlecats card by Beth Wilson http://www.doodlecatsshop.co.uk
Doodlecats card by Beth Wilson http://www.doodlecatsshop.co.uk

1. They’re a place where you’ll be heard.

2. You can tell someone your problems in confidence.

3. No matter where you are in the world if you can write, text, email or use a phone you can reach out for help.

4. Advice may be free or only cost you the price of a phone call or postage stamp.

5. Print, online or broadcast media has a massive reach. If you need help, chances are you’ll find it somewhere.

6. Writing or talking about your experiences can be therapeutic.

7. If you don’t want the burden of a secret or story you can pass it on to the advice columnist to take care of.

8. They’re a place to confess.

9. Or somewhere to get a second opinion.

10. You can help other people by sharing your own story.

11. Reading about other people’s problems can make you feel better about yourself.

12. They’re somewhere that reminds you that you are not alone.

13. If you don’t have access to or can’t afford a therapist or other health services, you may be able to get some temporary help or advice from an agony aunt or uncle.

14. They’re somewhere to help you reflect on your situation and give you ideas about what to do next.

15. A place to rehearse what you’d like to say to your lover, boss, relative.

16. Or where you can express feelings you might not feel able to share anywhere else.

17. They provide someone to talk to if you don’t feel safe or able discussing issues with others.

18. Plus a resource to help you build escape plans if you are trying to exit a difficult or dangerous situation.

19. They may be a step on a journey to seeking help or recovery.

20. And a place where taboo topics can be mentioned.

21. Or an introduction service – where you can find out other books, websites, helplines, charities or organisations that could assist you.

22. They can help you put your worries in context.

23. Be a place for reassurance.

24. Where someone will pay you attention and make you feel special.

25. And who you can keep coming back to if you still need help, or if you want to report your progress.


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